Atela Productions, was formed to produce a range of multimedia media products that provide educational and life-changing benefits through television, the internet and other media.

The company is committed to using various media platforms to promote positive dialogue and social change and is dedicated to providing high-quality, mind-broadening and entertaining products.

Through our products and services we provide success-minded individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds with a wealth of information, tools and advice to help them achieve greater success.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of people of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and to promote goodwill, diversity, renewed vision, unity and better living through positive media.

Our Vision

To be respected as a voice for people around the world who are dedicated to improving quality of life through self-improvement and humanitarian contributions. To be regarded as an establishment that delivers the power of positive global change through various mediums.

Our Values

We value generosity and compassion for all people. We value ethics and integrity in all human relationships.