Monica Davis

Monica Davis

Monica Davis is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Exceptional People Magazine, a publication that takes an innovative approach to showcasing some of the world’s most extraordinary people and their accomplishments; revealing why they are successful at what they do and the motivating factors that make them excel. The publication promotes among people of all socio-economic backgrounds a renewed vision, unity and better living through various media.

Monica also successfully published The Exceptional Woman, a quarterly newsletter which presented a powerhouse of ideas and knowledge to help women succeed in various areas of life before merging it with Exceptional People Magazine.

Monica has over 20 years of stellar and award-winning performance serving the federal
government and private sector.   She has provided technological expertise internationally as part of support teams for two Secretaries of State, traveling to countries such as Kuwait, Denmark, Iceland, and also the United Nations and other diplomatic conferences.

Monica has used her technical savvy, business expertise and signature personal touch to help initiate and establish partnerships between federal and corporate clients, leading to successful ventures.  See assisted high level officials in the federal government in making technological decisions, presenting business process development and improvement analysis.