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Exceptional People Magazine

Exceptional People Magazine is a premiere global online magazine that spotlights some of the world’s most extraordinary people through thought-provoking articles and candid one-on-one interviews. It celebrates the uniqueness, ingenuity and innovative spirit of people of diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds for their exceptional accomplishments, positive impact on humanity and personal triumph.

Our readers span the globe from Africa, to India, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Budapest, Canada and many other countries. Exceptional People Magazine is a magazine for individuals looking to effect positive change. Itprovides an opportunity to take a journey into the souls of the most unique talented, heroic and dedicated individuals in the world.

Our network of top advisors and experts enables us to offer individuals, career professionals and extrepreneurs the tools, resouces and advice needed to help them gain a new level of personal, professional and business success.

Willie Jolley Tigerlily Foundation
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"Exceptional People Magazine is an amazing resource that shares new, simple and highly effective strategies for achieving greater success, wealth and personal influence."
William R. Patterson, Award-Winning Speaker, International Best-Selling Author
Renowned Business and Wealth Coach

"Awesome. Absolutely awesome! Your magazine covers the full spectrum of what we need to succeed, survive and triumph over our circumstances. You hit the mark."
Mary W., San Antonio, TX

"“Let me openly express to you the level of impact the magazine had made on my life and that of my community. Just two weeks of reading on the empowerment, I returned to my war-ravished community and introduced a financial savings club as a means of empowering ourselves. Today, we are 252 (two hundred fifty two) members with a bank account of nearly half a million Liberian dollars from just three months of premiums paid. Once again I want to appreciate you for your vision and the impact made on the people around the world.” "
Rufus Zerlee, Liberia Monrovia

"Exceptional People magazine is on the fast track to change the world for the better. The potpourri of enlightening stories show the reader evidence that they have an innate capacity to live a life of greatness. This magazine should be mandatory reading for all. It is filled with uplifting stories and practical tools to evoke the very best within the reader."
Chrissy Carew, Master Certified Coach Founder and Head Coach, Insightful Player, LLC

"Exceptional People Magazine, the latest internet treasure, unites and inspires individuals from around the world with heroic stories of ordinary people. I love it because it features personal growth stories of people from different cultures and races bringing me a deeper appreciation and understanding of their lives. The stories inspire me to improve my own life. That's why I now subscribe to Exceptional Magazine, an amazing, uplifting online treasure."
Jean Tracy, MSS, Edmonds, WA

"There is no other magazine like Exceptional People Magazine! It is packed with inspiring articles about real people who are beating the odds—overcoming adversity, finding their purpose in life and fulfilling that purpose, helping other people around the world. Exceptional Magazine is a “must read” on my priority list."
Jo Condrill, CEO, GoalMinds, Inc., Houston, TX

"I love Exceptional People Magazine.  It has inspired me to re-evaluate my life."
Joseph C., Fairfax, VA


Atela Productions, Inc. continues to propel forward in developing projects that inspire global change. Our documentary projects are focused on the lives of extraordinary people with powerful messages to bring to the masses.


At Atela Productions we honor individuals who use their skills, talents, ingenuity and caring spirit to dramatically change the lives of others. Our mission is to empower people to strive for excellence and to incite positive global change through the achievements of others. We strive to cultivate and inspire continued innovation, business ingenuity and humanitarian acts of kindness.

The Exceptional Woman Newsletter

The Exceptional Woman Newsletter was published quarterly and offered women exceptional ways to improve their livesExceptional Woman Newsletter.  Each issue offered a variety of topics including:

  • How-to’s for success in business
  • Inspirational articles
  • Articles of personal triumph—and ways to overcome adversity
  • How to succeed in the corporate world
  • Resources to help women find what they need for personal and professional empowerment
  • Advice from experts on various topics
  • Making the work environment a win-win situation for everyone!
  • Health tips and advice addressing the special concerns of women
  • Managing your money
  • And more  
The newsletter was later merged with Exceptional People Magazine.

Extraordinary Everyday People
Monica Davis
Extraordinary Everyday People (EEP) celebrated champions for humanity, heroism, personal triumph, social contributions and unique talents and abilities of people from all socio-economic backgrounds.  From the celebrity to the everyday person, EEP highlighted stories that were uplifting and compelling and pulled at the heart strings of its viewers; stories that inspired them reach new heights.  Through candid and stimulating conversations, the host took the audience on a swift ride to retrace the journeys taken by some of the most unique, talented, heroic, and dedicated individuals.  After producing seven episodes, the show received a National Award in year 2000 at the Hometown Video Festival.